Hairdressing Price List



Blow Dry (short)                                       16.50

Blow Dry (Long)                                       20.00


Special Blow Dry (Long)                          25.00

Simple Hair Up                                         30.00

Hair Up                                                     34.00

Hair Treatments

Smartbond                                                10.00

Pro Fibre                                                     7.50

Seri Expert                                                  5.00

Racoon Hair Extensions  price on application


 Root Re-growth                                            30.00


Re-growth + Colour Matching                      35.00

Full Head Colour on short                            30.00

Full Head Colour on long                             35.00

Roots between Wraps                          Add 10.00

Toner (short)                                         Add - 5.00

Toner (Long)                                         Add - 7.50

Base between wraps on short           Add - 10.00

Base between wraps on Long           Add - 15.00

For extreme change in colour this process may

need to be done more than once.

Full Head wraps on short                             45.00

Full Head wraps on long                              50.00

Top Wraps (Short)                                        38.00

Top Wraps (Long)                                        45.00

Parting Wraps                                              35.00

Balayage                                                      45.00

Creative Colouring - Price on application

Colour Correction, consultation recommended

where an estimation of the cost can be given.

Colour cleanse sometimes necessary before

colour change to ensure best result. Add - 15.00


***Please Note***

All services are displayed below at full price for a Senior Stylist.

Discount will be given as follows.

1st Year Apprentice at 30% Off.

2nd Year Apprentice 20% Off.

3rd Year Apprentice 10% Off.

Discounts apply for all services with the exception of Roots and Full Head colours.



Ladies Cutting Services. 

Wash Cut & Dry(Long)                               35.00

Wash Cut & Blow Dry(Short)                      32.50

Wash & Cut                                                30.00

Hair Cut & Finish 30mins                            28.00

Hair Cut & Finish 45mins                            32.50

Fringe                                                           5.00