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We've re-branded to Magpie Beauty!
 This Salon Exclusive product prides itself on being Hypo-allergenic, Hema free and even better produced and distributed in the UK. 

Mini Manicure no polish:


Nail shape, cuticle tidy and Buff. Add Polish for an extra £4 

Luxury Manicure/Pedicure: £35.00

Nails shaped, soaked, cuticles tidied, (feet only) skin buffed, skin exfoliated. Hand/Foot masque with heated Mitts/Booties. Finished with a hand cream massage, and then a nail polish of your choice. Please note for pedicure please come with flip flops to leave in. 

Gel Polish Overlay Manicure/Pedicure: £35.00

Nail Shaped, Cuticle Tidy, buff and Magpie Gel polish overlay colour of your choice on the natural nails. If proper aftercare is followed should last 2-3weeks.

Gel or AcryGel Overlay: £38.00

If your nails struggle to last 2 weeks with a Gel Polish overlay then this is the treatment for you. These products add strength and structure whilst keeping your natural length. Nails are Shaped, Cuticles tidy and buffed, then finished with the gel polish colour/design of your choice.

gel / Build Me Up Bottled Extensions: £46.00

A Quicker sculpted extension, care is taken to cuticle tidy and prepare the natural nail, so they stay in the best condition. No tips added but designed around your natural shape of your nail. You can keep the colour of the extension or a gel polish colour/ design of your choice can be added. Can be soaked off, but still recommended to infill 3 weeks and then apply new set.

Sculpted Arcrygel Extensions: £50.00

Add Extra length with this light weight gel extension. Can be tailored to any length whether you are wanting a short extension or more extreme length. The same steps are taken as above to prepare and finish the nails. Can be soaked off but it is recommended you infill this product every 3 weeks to maintain beautiful sculpted nails

Infills Gel / Acrygel: £40.00 / £44.00 

For Build Me Up Bottled and Acrygel it is recommended to infill every 2/3 weeks to keep the nails in the best condition possible. extension is filed down to a thin layer, then nails are shaped and prepared as above. finishing with the colour/design of your choice. 

Nail Extras:

Removal (if our own):  £3.00

Removal only (or if other salons): £10.00

Glitter (per nail): 50p

Nail Art (per nail) from:  £2.00

French:  £5.00

Nail fix within 5 days:  free

Nail Fix after 5 days: £7.00