HD Brows 1st Appointment: £35.00

This is a 1 hour appointment, where we take the time to discuss in depth the shape and result you are looking to achieve. HD Brows treatment includes; Measuring, Tint, Wax, Tweezing, Trimming, and Threading. We also can finish them, using HD Mineral makeup. 


HD Brows Top up appointment:£25.00

Recommended every 4-6 weeks. All the steps are taken the same as above. However we discuss if their are any changes you would like to make to the shape and design of your brow. Any more than 6 weeks and it will need to be booked in as a 1st appointment again to determine shape again 

Male HD Brows: 

A Male HD Brow goes through the same steps as the above HD Brows, however minus the tint. The shape is kept very natural but using your ideal proportions. If you wish to have the tint please specify as you will need a patch test and will also refer to the above prices.

first Appointment:  £30

Second Appointment: £20